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Microsoft Gold Partner

What We Do

WB Data Focus unlocks the potential within data. We help to position data assets to enable your business to run more efficiently and effectively, by taking the guesswork out of decision making.

Data is at the core of every business decision made. We make it our business to understand, transform, and unlock the value of data to produce actionable insights and drive change within your business.

WB Data Focus is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Data Analytics and Data Platforms.



WB Data Focus guides businesses through data projects. These projects require clear planning, strategy, and deliverables. We offer consultancy to advise on your systems and data landscape.



We deliver and support projects from the initial seed of an idea to production. Our experience in data projects allows us to deliver all areas covering project management, design, architecture, testing, and development skills. We will constantly consider your requirements ensuring you have a data estate that grows with your business.



Data analytics continues to grow at a fast pace, keeping up with new technologies and practices is a challenge. WB Data Focus provides specialist analytical skills to keep BI relevant to your business, increasing your capabilities as your business grows. Providing agile answers to your complex issues.